Marking tips

Explanation of Symbols

0 The phenomenon not present or rounding result is 0.

.. Data not obtained, or too uncertain for publication. In case of surveys it means the number of respondents is below 20, making the data too uncertain for publishing.

. Concept not applicable.

"..", "...." symbols within text mean "including". It means the values marked with these symbols are sub-values of the previous values.

Selecting Data from a List

Selected rows have blue background, unselected rows have white background.

To select one row mark the desired row with the mouse.

When selecting several consecutive rows mark the first row with the mouse, press and hold the SHIFT key, and mark the last desired row with the mouse, or move to the last desired row with the down arrow.

When selecting several non-consecutive rows mark the desired rows by pressing and holding the CTRL key.

To select all rows there are two possible ways:

    1) Mark the first row by clicking on it, and press the SHIFT and END keys simultaneously.

    2) Press the button beside the variable name .

Rows can also selected by using text search. The following possibilities can be used:

    1) Type the desired text in the text field, and click the button . For example type "county" in the search field to select counties, press the button . As a result all counties are marked as selected.

    2) By marking the checkbox "from beginning of row" you can limit the search so that the desired text is only searched for from the beginning of rows. For example, to search for the variable "Year" with values equal to or greater than 2000 enter "2" in the search field, mark "from beginning of row", and click the button .

You can deselect one row by pressing and holding the CTRL key, and clicking the row you wish to deselect.

To cancel all selections press the button .